Fun with Filters! Addressing an HR Challenge

The Challenges HR Practitioners Face

One of the greatest challenges I faced in my time working as an HR Practitioner was making sure I gave the right information when answering an employee’s question.  I’ve never worked with any company that had the same answer for every employee, especially when dealing with things like benefits, compensation, or vacation policy.  And the challenges for a global company are even greater, especially when policies are all in English (“Because that’s the standard!”) but your employees only speak French.  Answering a question is easy.  Figuring out how to find the right answer in a language specific employees speak and understand can be maddening.

What to Do?

Enter our filtering feature for knowledge.  The Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite allows your system admin to set up and apply filters to your knowledge, making sure to show the right information in the right format to the right people.  The best part is we don’t force you to use our categories, since we expect you know your organization better than we do.  Instead, we followed our practice of putting the power in the hands of your administrator.

Just a Few Clicks

Through a few simple clicks, your team has the ability to add Filters for language, country, department, or any other category you choose.  You may add any number of values as well, allowing you to be very specific in the information displayed to each employee.  More complex setups may be supported through a combination of Filters used on knowledge.  For example, I may want a specific item shown only to employees in Spain, and only if they speak English.  Through filters, you can be sure that the item you are working on will be shown only to that specific subgroup of Employees.

A Better Experience

Like so many things in our system, we’ve built this to help HR Leaders and Practitioners provide a better experience for their HR teams as well as their employees.  That’s what comes from so many years of actual HR experience on our team.  We think it’s a great answer to a common problem, and are always excited to help our clients put it in place.  If you’d like to see more about how to set up your own Filters, click here to see the instructions in our online Knowledge Base.


Not a Dovetail client? 

We’ll forgive you.  And we’ll even show you around the place if you like.  Just let us know when!

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