The Software Sales Pro Dilemma: What Do You Need from Me?

What do you need from me?

As a professional salesman, I understand that my clients and prospects are busy. Sometimes, they don’t have time for a meeting, to talk on the phone, or even respond to an email. So the question is what do you want from me? How can I help you? You want and need to know what we do, how our product works, how it will benefit you and your organization –  so you can call on us when you need us, but you just don’t have the time to meet and learn about what it is we do.

“I want…”

That being said, it’s coming from the wrong point of view. Essentially it is a selfish statement right? I want to show you, I want to tell you, I want, I want, I want. How about we flip the scenario?

I get a lot of emails random from sales people and I am a sales person. They are trying to sell me CRM, data, or just a different method of finding leads. The last guy? After 5 emails and a random call, I answered. I spent a total of 30 seconds listening to him tell me how he was going to help me increase my lead numbers and how his current clients already do this. Then I asked him, “Do you even know what we do?” His answer, “To be honest, no I don’t.” I replied,  “Why don’t you take some time to learn what I do before you call me?”
And that was the end of our conversation.

My Dilemma

So here I sit with a relatively new idea, product, and concept that I want to get it in front of you. How then shall I do this? I know what you do. I also know how it will help you. I know the ease of use, speed to implement, and financial benefits. So how can I help you?


How Can I Help You?

Certainly not by wasting your time as the aforementioned random caller wasted mine. Perhaps by knowing when you’re the least busy and reaching out to you then. By having a concise message you can understand which quickly relates the benefits to your organization and, of course, your position.


What Do I Do?

I speak mainly to HR professionals who are very busy and simply need more time. My company provides a tool that manages the employee request process from start to finish, updating information as HR support activities occur. Not only does Case Management document all transactions providing a complete audit trail of employee communication with HR – accessible from any location – but it creates accountability, provides task ownership along with workflow, and ensures consistent and timely HR service delivery.

This message needs to be conveyed in the first call in order to set up our next meeting.


Saving our Time

If you don’t need it or already have a similar product then great, I’d like to know what you’re using and what you like about it. After that first call, we can both move on with no loss.

Because, for future reference, you do want to know what it is and what it does. I like to listen to most sales pitches because at some point, some place, someone needs that product/service or it wouldn’t be on the market. I just don’t have time to listen to them all.

And neither do you.

So that brings me back to…, What do you need from me, also what do you want from me?

  • A short concise message
  • Easy to follow reasoning
  • Financial benefit
  • Professional and personal benefit

If I have these things, you will want to meet. Or inversely, if you need these things – I will want to meet.

Or, let’s just meet!

Just keep working!





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