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Matt Yunker: Showing Efficiency and Savings to Benefit our Clients

Matt Yunker
November 4, 2016 Matt Yunker, "Ethics and Integrity in Sales" Matt Yunker, Director of Sales with a Focus in Healthcare “One of the reasons I came to Dovetail was the integrity of the organization. Ethics is a big deal to me. You just can't lie to a customer. I see it over and over. And I  think 'Lies by Omission' is a big issue in sales, where you just don' tell them and you let it go and you deal with it later. If I were the customer, how would like to be I like to be sold to? What would I like to know up front? I need to know so that I can make an educated decision." - Matt Yunker Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Matt’s mind: Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite Healthcare Focus By HR, for HR A Product that…

The Software Sales Pro Dilemma: What Do You Need from Me?

May 18, 2016 What do you need from me? As a professional salesman, I understand that my clients and prospects are busy. Sometimes, they don’t have time for a meeting, to talk on the phone, or even respond to an email. So the question is what do you want from me? How can I help you? You want and need to know what we do, how our product works, how it will benefit you and your organization -  so you can call on us when you need us, but you just don’t have the time to meet and learn about what it is we do. "I want..." That being said, it’s coming from the wrong point of view. Essentially it is a selfish statement right? I want to show you, I want to tell you, I want, I want, I want. How about…

Learning to Listen

April 21, 2016 A Communication Issue Today So, you just want to talk and don’t want any answers? As a professional sales person, I run into this all the time. Being married for over 17 years, I run into the daily - yet I tend to miss it in most cases. So in my marriage, my wife shares things with me and we talk about her day or her job or whatever may be on her mind and I always trying to fix it or come up with a solution to whatever issue she may be having. I tend to take this same approach to my professional life, as well. Being a solution provider, consultant, all-around know it all, I think I need to have the answer to whatever problem you may have. What I am learning is I don’t always need to…