Healthcare HR in Crisis

Healthcare HR

Why I Care

My first “HR” job, if you will, was as a sourcer for a healthcare-specific executive search firm. This job changed my life. No, seriously. Several things happened.

  • I fell in love with recruiting, every part of it — EXCEPT telling someone that they didn’t get the job – that remains, to this day, one of the “work duties” I have disliked most.
  • After having spent 20 years in the dental field, I transitioned easily to healthcare, and really grew to the love the business of healthcare.
  • I realized that I had a mind for business and I quickly changed my major from Education (I had wanted to teach junior high – I know – I’m nuts!) to Business and adjusted mind-blowingly quickly to a corporate mindset.
  • The sales professional in me found a new and exciting home as I learned how to use my WOO to attract talent and educate them about opportunity.
  • I couldn’t stop learning, I was obsessed with trying to educate myself so I could be the best recruiter.
  • And I had a mind for HR – as a mother of four and chronic service provider, the “gist” of human resources came naturally to me.

Recruiting and Human Resources

Since those early days, I have been unable to extract myself from what I have come to think of as “my calling” – try as I might. Sometimes, a career finds us, not the other way around. My calling has brought opportunity that I value and learn from. And now I find myself preparing for yet another ASHHRA Conference – one of my favorites! – focusing on healthcare human resources. Each year, I try to gather relevant information and content to share to benefit healthcare HR and Recruiting. This year has been no different.

Healthcare in Crisis

I had the unique opportunity to interview Dan White, President of Workforce Solutions at AMN Healthcare. This interview is presented in a 3-part podcast series, “Healthcare HR in Crisis”

“The three most important things that impact Healthcare HR today: we’ve had a stronger/better economy for some time – so more spending, the healthcare clinical workforce is aging, and the population, in general, is aging with more healthcare requirements.” – Dan White

Dan knows what he is talking about. I hope you will have a listen – please find part 1 below, and feel free to share with those you think might have an interest or could benefit from the information / education presented.


Healthcare in Crisis, part 1

You can connect with Dan White LinkedIn here


September 16-19, 2017 – Both Dovetail Software (Booth #835) and AMN Healthcare (Booth #729) will be exhibiting at ASHHRA, stop by and see us in the Expo Hall.

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