Healthcare HR: Addressing the Ongoing Staffing Shortage

healthcare HR staffing shortage

Not Much Has Changed

When I first started recruiting in healthcare fifteen plus years ago, it seemed like all that was talked about was the nursing shortage. The conversation is ongoing and, sadly, hasn’t changed much. This Healthcare HR trending topic is addressed by many – the topic is addressed – but, not the issue.

Employee Engagement > Retention

For many years, we have been talking about how employer branding and employee engagement leads to the retention of quality talent.

“The talent shortage isn’t going to go away any time soon, but just like any other industry, healthcare can look to leverage partners to assist with systems and best practices to attract the kind of people you need..” – Dan White, President of Workforce Solutions at AMN Healthcare

Tune in for the second part of the podcast series, “Healthcare HR in Crisis” with guest Dan White, AMN Healthcare.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Ongoing Nursing Shortage: Supply – Demand
  • Demand is driven by the aging population
  • Demand is driven by Stronger Economy
  • Supply is driven by an Aging Workforce and a shift in healthcare job mix
  • Attracting a Qualified Workforce for clinical and non-clinical positions
  • Using the same predictors as similar industries, like hospitality, to rethink efficiency
  • Regional considerations and spikes in seasonality demands
  • Retail, School, Home Health – Areas where healthcare locations are growing
  • Is there a long-term solution to ease staffing solutions?
  • Communicating with talent the way they prefer
  • Listening to and heeding the advice of Experts
  • Patient Care to Talent Care – white paper for our listeners

You can connect with Dan White LinkedIn here


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