Healthcare HR: We’ve Been in Crisis Mode for Awhile

healthcare HR in crisis mode

Crisis Mode is Nothing New to Healthcare HR

Looking at the current challenges Healthcare HR is facing, one can ascertain that while things have shifted slightly, the crises faced are not all that new.

In continuing my conversation with Dan White, we discuss the all too familiar issues and provide some ideas and solutions on what to watch for and how to possibly prevent falling further into the deep end. There is great opportunity today, for Healthcare HR professionals, to make the necessary changes to benefit their departments and ultimately their organization’s employees.

“Healthcare HR has been in crisis mode. This is nothing new to them.” – Dan White, President of Workforce Solutions at AMN Healthcare

Tune in for the third and final part of the podcast series, “Healthcare HR in Crisis” with guest Dan White, AMN Healthcare.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Evidenced-based decision making should extend beyond the services provided
  • Advice for working with third-party solutions
  • Success stories
  • Traits of a Successful Healthcare HR Professionals
  • Can these traits be developed? (resources)
  • The Best Relationship Produce the Best Outcomes
  • Partnering with your vendor partners the best way possible
  • The Protected Pool of 3 Million Nurses in the US
  • “Ownership” of staff – no such thing!
  • Sourcing, Recruiting, Talent Management
  • ASHHRA, Podcasts, HR Today Forum,
  • Patient Care to Talent Care – white paper for our listeners

You can connect with Dan White LinkedIn here

September 16-19, 2017 – Both Dovetail Software (Booth #835) and AMN Healthcare (Booth #729) will be exhibiting at ASHHRA, stop by and see us in the Expo Hall.

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