Actions Speak Louder than Words – Customer Service

I am accused of having many mottos I live by. Sometimes, I think both my family and my employees are tired of hearing me quote these. One of my favorites is “Actions Speak Louder than Words”. Let’s relate this motto to a critical area, Customer Service. Most companies will tell you how important customer service is to them, and keeping their customers happy is paramount to them. However, often when you investigate further, you find that while they say this, their actions don’t follow their words.

We at Dovetail also say that customer service is critical to our company. However, we make sure that our actions follow our words. Let me tell you about a recent example. We recently secured a new Clarify Help Desk Support customer, a State University. I won’t name them since I haven’t asked their permission, but I will steal their quote from an email we received about our support:

“I just want to say that so far in the first case that I have brought to Dovetail’s attention has been handled in not only a professional manner (for such a small issue), but the response time and assistance has been refreshing and exemplary.”

Thanks to our fabulous Support team and keep the compliments coming! Remember, Actions Speak Louder than Words.

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