Assistance for Dovetail and Clarify Users

As I said in one of my previous blog posts, we are often accused of providing free consulting as part of our normal customer service and support (a great problem for our customers). This occurs when our customers call us with a question, through suggestions provided via our Company blog, and even through CRM forums such as the ITtoolbox Clarify User Group . And for those of you who follow me , you know that I believe that Actions Speak Louder than Words, so let me utilize two recent examples from Gary Sherman to validate my claim.


The first occurred when Gary was thinking about a customer’s question regarding their desire to monitor SLAs. There was an easy way out, but that isn’t the way Gary, or our other Dovetail employees work. Our goal is to find the best approach for the customer, even if that isn’t the easiest way for us to solve a problem or doesn’t provide us the highest amount of revenue. So Gary came up with a truly efficient approach towards utilizing RuleManager to solve a problem. This applies both to Dovetail as well as Clarify users.


My second example is purely for Clarify users. As a big contributor to ITtoolbox, Gary spied a question from a Clarify user. While we provide Clarify Help Desk Support as an option to Clarify users, many Clarify customers choose to maintain their Amdocs support or go without support. This didn’t stop Gary from helping a Clarify user in need, even if it didn’t provide any revenue to our company.


Thanks for caring Gary. We know it is just a matter of time until the remaining Clarify users understand what our Dovetail customers already know, that they have a much better CRM environment with Dovetail versus Clarify.


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