Practice What You Preach

Just image, a company whose business is developing CRM software for Customer Service & Support who doesn’t provide great support themselves. What a contradiction! Lucky for Dovetail and its customers, this situation doesn’t exist. Utilizing my favorite motto, “Actions Speak Louder than Words”, let me cite a recent example that demonstrates Dovetail’s commitment to world-class customer service.

A customer opened a support case. We quickly solved the customer’s problem and closed the case. Later that day, the person who handled the support case was on a conference call with the customer on a non-support issue. The customer had to pause to tell a story about what had happened earlier in the day. He said,

“I was very impressed when I opened a support issue, and had a response back from Dovetail just 3 minutes later. It was such a fast response that I walked down the hall and bragged about the quick response time to our own internal support desk here at xxxx (I don’t use customers’ name without their permission). The support staff here asked if they could have all of their problems sent to Dovetail support as well.”

Thanks to Gary Sherman and his crew who put the customer ahead of everything else we do!

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