Dovetail Providing Clarify Help – Is it a Risk?

I wish I could take credit for all the ideas I communicate, but I can’t, and I have our customers to thank for many of the good ideas we get. We’re lucky that our customers take such an interest in helping us. On a recent trip, I visited a prospect in the morning and we were discussing the possibility of Dovetail taking over their Amdocs support. The senior executive was concerned about the “what if?”. Specifically,

“While we may save money from moving our support to Dovetail, what if we have a “real” problem. You don’t have the Amdocs source code, so what if you can’t solve the problem. We won’t be able to go back to Amdocs.”

We talked about his concern, and I tried to put his mind at ease, speaking towards our ability to find a workaround to any problem, and telling him we hadn’t faced a problem yet where we couldn’t find a solution. We continued to talk, and he committed to further discussions, but I left wondering whether he could get comfortable with Dovetail taking over their Amdocs support.

Flash ahead to another customer meeting the next day. This customer had moved to Dovetail’s support for their Amdocs CRM system a year earlier, and we were discussing a game plan to move their Clarify thick CRM environment to the Dovetail thin CRM product. This particular company still utilizes Amdocs’ support in 2 other divisions, and their Director of IT oversaw all 3 divisions. I mentioned my conversation of the day earlier, and this IT Director piped in –

“Let me tell you the difference between Dovetail’s support and Amdocs’. When we have a support issue with Amdocs, first we have to deal with the time delay of their support center being in India and basically waiting one day for an initial response. Then when they get back to us, it isn’t a solution to the problem, but an explanation of the problem. When we call Dovetail with a problem, we get an immediate solution. So where’s the risk?”

It’s too bad I didn’t have that response the day before, but it sure is nice for our customers to talk so highly about our customer service. We’ll keep working to provide even better customer service.


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