Take Care of Your Customers

We had a recent incident that I think speaks towards Dovetail’s approach to providing superior customer service. One of our newer customers was doing some custom development work utilizing our Dovetail CRM product and they ran into a situation where they were stuck. So they contacted their sales person via an email and inquired about whether they could purchase consulting services to help them complete their customizations. The typical salesperson approach, and a company only worried about the almighty dollar, would have immediately taken the order and booked the revenue. Not Dovetail.

The salesperson called the customer and asked some questions. Once he understood the customer’s need, he recalled another customer faced a similar situation which Gary Sherman had solved. He also remembered that Gary had written a blog post highlighting that customer’s need and his solution. So the salesperson pointed the customer to Gary’s blog post and told him to see if that would help him complete his customization needs. If not, let him know and we then could talk about arranging for some consulting work.

The result – the customer was able to take the solution laid out in Gary’s blog post and utilize it to solve their development needs with a slight assist from Gary. The customer was happy for the quick solution and their ability to solve their situation without spending money.

While we didn’t get the revenue, we got a satisfied customer.

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