Customer Service – The Right Way and the Wrong Way

Being in the business of selling CRM software utilized by customer service and support organizations, I am constantly observing the way companies support their customers. Let’s look at two companies in action.

I stay in a particular hotel frequently and know many of the staff.  As I walked into the lobby last week, I noticed a car with a flat tire parked in one of the handicapped parking spaces. An elderly couple was standing outside their car chatting with the front desk manager while the maintenance man from the hotel was changing the flat tire for this couple. This isn’t a 4 star hotel where you might assume this service would be provided; yet, this was a hotel going out of their way to provide superior customer service.

Contrast this with a large unnamed bank I do business with who has totally screwed up my mortgage. The key is they are at fault, acknowledge it is their fault, yet they are unable to correct their mistake, or ensure me the credit agencies won’t be notified that my account is delinquent. If the implications weren’t so serious, it would almost be comical for the bank’s ineptness. I have talked to 11 different people at this bank in customer service, account payments and collections, including a vice president, over four months; yet, they are unable to resolve the issue or stop the frequent phone calls or form letters saying I am delinquent in paying my mortgage. This despite the fact I have documentation that came from the bank proving I am not at fault. Finally, last week I called the bank’s corporate office and have the Executive Assistant to the President of the bank dealing with it. She assures me she will have it corrected, and I am confident she will. But the hassles to get to this point, and only because I am relentless.   

The net  – I will continue to patronize this hotel while I will never do business again with this bank. Customer Service Does Matter.

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