The Forgotten Space Continues (Unfortunately)

I recently read an article that announced an expansion of the relationship between SAP and RIM (owners of the Blackberry) SAP + RIM = CRM2Go. The writer states,

            As a result of what one SAP executive called “co-innovation,” a version of the latest SAP CRM software has been rebuilt to natively integrate with the BlackBerry.”


Since we have also been working on a remote capability of our CRM product utilizing Twitter, I read the article with interest, seeking to learn anything that might improve our solution. I also checked out the RIM press release, SAP and RIM Usher In a New Era for Enterprise Mobility, hoping to learn more. What did I learn – That the Forgotten Space is still Forgotten. Let me explain.


This appears to be a big announcement for the two firms, but in looking more closely, you discover that while it says it allows remote access for users of the SAP CRM system, in reality, it is only for the salespeople:

            The first output expected from this new partnership is a native BlackBerry smartphone client   that will merge the power of the SAP® Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application with core BlackBerry smartphone applications, including the BlackBerry Email, Address Book and Calendar applications, to deliver an indispensable tool for sales people.”


What, users in the contact centers or field service don’t have a remote need? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. Stay tuned and learn more about our Twitter solution.


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