Dovetail Seeker to the Rescue

In canvassing the Dovetail and Clarify community on their needs and wishes, one area that continually comes up is a better search capability. Users fall into two camps. The first group has muddled through using Fulcrum or Hummingbird, and is extremely frustrated by its limitations and complexity. The second group attempted to use Fulcrum or Hummingbird, but gave up and now uses nothing. Well, we have the answer – Dovetail Seeker.


Dovetail Seeker is a simple to use search tool that mimics much of what we have all come to love about Google. It allows users to search either the Dovetail or Clarify database. The power of Seeker is that it works for simple basic search in an easy to use Google-like text box, or for more powerful users, it has advanced search capabilities and queries, much like Google Advanced Search page. It has advanced search tips for even more advanced user queries, similar to Google’s Advanced Search Tips page. It’s easy to customize and maintain.


So now, utilizing Seeker, agents will quickly be able to access information in either the Dovetail or Clarify database relevant to the problem or question at hand, including cases, solutions or change requests.  In this way, inexperienced agents can easily leverage corporate expertise, and all agents are able to work more efficiently, resolving cases quickly and accurately.


Customers will be able to use Seeker to provide useful, effective self-service –  it empowers them to get answers to their questions, and to resolve problems, 24×7 – without having to wait to talk with an agent or open a support case.  Published corporate knowledge is immediately available and easily found; the Seeker search paradigm will be familiar to anyone who has ever “googled” the Internet.  It’s fast, and it’s flexible.


We have been testing Dovetail Seeker with one of our long standing customers and they have been extremely happy with its capabilities and have also given us feedback toward improving it. We have already incorporated many of their suggestions in the product.


Dovetail Seeker will be available shortly as part of the next release of Dovetail Agent. Soon after, it will be available with Dovetail SelfService, and then as a standalone application for Clarify users. Stay tuned for our formal announcement.


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