Our People Make the Difference

Our goal is to provide the best software possible to our customers and even better customer support. To do that, you need the right people – those dedicated to serving the customer and committed to advancing their own knowledge, often on their own time. That is the culture we have created at Dovetail Software, and I am quite proud of all our employees.


Our employees are constantly reading, networking, and chatting with leading-edge technologists to make sure they are up to speed on what is driving the industry and to improve their own knowledge. Within Dovetail, we call this “self educate”. I thought I would start publicizing some of what are people are doing to achieve this, and I wanted to start with our newest employee, Jeremy Miller, who is our Chief Software Architect.


We are very fortunate to have added Jeremy Miller to our team. Jeremy is well known in the Agile development community, and has a great following on his blog – The Shade Tree Developer. Jeremy is also writing a column in MSDN Magazine, Patterns in Practice, and is speaking at an upcoming Agile Austin Event – Fostering the Agile Community.


Hopefully you can learn from Jeremy as our group of Dovetail developers do every day. Thanks for the extra effort Jeremy!


Until Next Time,


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