Dovetail Rescues Another Amdocs Customer

How often do you hear how important customer support is to a company? Furthermore, how often do you also hear that “We provide world class support”? Phrases used often by companies. We at Dovetail also believe we provide “world class support”, but we also believe that Actions Speak Louder than Words. Therefore, I always like examples where we can back-up this claim with Actions; even better when this support is provided to an Amdocs customer who can’t get satisfaction from Amdocs, but we at Dovetail are able to help.

This week at ITToolbox, an Amdocs customer posed a question  about Auto Closing a Part Request. At one point through the forum exchange, the questioner goes on to say,


When i posed the question to Amdocs i got that it was too complicated to do this.”


How’s that for world class support from Amdocs? Not the way Dovetail works. One of our Clarify experts, Gary Sherman, a regular contributor at ITToolbox, saw the call for desperation, and was quickly able to solve the problem. As opposed to me thanking Gary for helping another troubled Clarify user, let me just recite the words of the questioner:


“Gary, that is exactly the scenario and what I need to accomplish. I wasn’t sure if I needed to do more than what you suggested because when you look at the sql log it gives the indication that more is needed. But this is perfect, thanks very much for the help.




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