Maybe Amdocs Should Call Dovetail for Clarify Support

Last week, I blogged  about a recent support issue an Amdocs customer was facing. They had contacted Amdocs, but couldn’t get assistance. We helped the customer solve the problem even though we have no support agreement with that customer. Well, we are at it again.

Last week, Jorge posed a question on ITtoolbox for the Clarify experts. Seems Jorge tried Amdocs’ tech support but they said it would require an enhancement ($$$) of their doing.” Not content to have another Amdocs customer go away unhappy, Gary Sherman solved Jorge’s issue. You can see the full exchange , but as you can see below, Jorge got the answer he was looking for:

Reply from jcruz1965 on 2/16/2009 10:32 AM

“Hi Gary,
I was able to squeeze on some time on Friday and implement your fix in our development system. Worked flawlessly.
I now have to talk to the business owner and weigh the frequency of how often Secure Mail is used versus regular email. I have a feeling that the percentage is not that high (I’m thinking about the additional click for the pop-up). I think your suggestions of adding a new menu item and/or button to the Case form are worth pursuing.
Thank you again for your help! It is greatly appreciated!


We’re sorry that the Amdocs community can’t seem to get the customer support they have paid for, but rest assured that Dovetail Software is here to serve you.

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