HR Tech Conference – The #1 Event for HR Technology


Just came back from an exhausting, but very productive 4 days at HR Tech in Chicago. As a CEO of a HR software vendor, my goals are different from the HR practitioners who are there. So, from my perspective, the HR Technology Conference is the #1 event for a HR technology vendor. Let me highlight the reasons:


  • In one location, I am able to meet and update the HR analysts on what our company is doing. While exhausting to schedule briefings back to back, there is no better vehicle to accomplish this as easily as you can do at HR Tech.
  • Dovetail had identified a number of potential partners. I was able to meet with key executives at each firm we had identified to discuss possible relationships, face to face, which is always better than initial discussions on the phone.
  • It was an opportunity to meet with some of our key customers, listen to their feedback, and thank them for our business. Once again, to do that in person is far more effective.
  • While spending some time at our booth my sales team was able to bring me into some key conversations they were having with prospects. Always good when you can bring in the CEO to the sales process.
  • Lastly, while Dovetail isn’t seeking outside funding, the HR space is hot, so I still met with a number of investors (VCs and private equity) and told them about our company. You never know when things might change.


The event was also fabulous from our company’s perspective. This is the second year we have exhibited and we also sponsored the audience polling. As opposed to other conferences we attend, at HR Tech, attendees actually come to the conference to spend time in the exhibit hall to learn about product offerings they are investigating or want to learn about, not just run from booth to booth, gathering swag like at other conferences. That not to say we don’t try to have a little fun while telling people about our products; we did give away margaritas to those thirsty individuals and a Xbox to one lucky winner. Speaking of swag, our own Dwane Lay, does the HR Tech swag video, which anyone interested can view it here.


So, the HR Tech conference, the place to have a little fun but conduct some serious business. Still the #1 way to accomplish that.



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