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The Rise of a Great Partnership

October 3, 2017 One of my favorite quotes from David Duffield, Co-founder /Co-CEO Workday is, “I’m sort of a foot-on-the-gas kind of guy.” We've noticed and we are happy for the ride! The Power of Partnerships I've been able to see first hand the power of partnerships over the last several years while working for and with HR Tech companies. Establishing and maintaining partnership relationships has developed some lasting friendships and superior allies in a space many of us love. Our partnership with Workday is no different. The Dovetail team works closely with Workday to ensure that the needs of clients are consistently met with the quality those clients have come to expect. As we Prepare for Workday Rising Two years in the making and now two years in, Dovetail maintains our Certified Solution Partner status with Workday. We consistently work hard to keep…

The Rising of Dovetail – Partnerships Matter

September 18, 2015 Lessons of Partnership One of the most important lessons I have learned over the last several years while working for and with HR technology companies has been the importance of establishing and maintaining partnership relationships. Interestingly enough, some of my best friends in life have come as the result of creating a business / vendor relationship or working partnership. Loyalty Pays Off I have have been known to be a pretty loyal partner - I have worked with individuals and organizations for years and even brought new partners to the table to enrich a project but there have also been times when I have held the speaker high, by myself, and just proclaimed the good work of a partner/friend or my own organization.  There is a right time for each approach. Today I Shout for Workday Two years in the…

Dovetail Launches Certified Workday Integration to Assist HR in Tracking Daily Activities

August 23, 2015 Celebrate! We’re celebrating today, because we are officially a Workday Certified Solution Partner – yes we graduated from the hottest HCM integration university this summer! Commitment Pays Off Two years ago, Dovetail made a commitment with Workday to design, build, and deliver a real time bi-directional integration to help serve the Dovetail and Workday ecosystem, cohesively. It’s a true win-win outcome for both vendor and customers - as anyone with software implementation experience will tell you - getting two technologies integrated together on a project is never easy. One very big pain with custom integrations is accountability – when things go wrong, who is accountable? Is it your internal IT, or perhaps vendor one or vendor two – maybe it’s all three? Which one will own the problem and drive through to resolution, and not just point fingers? Continued Commitment With a…