Dovetail Launches Certified Workday Integration to Assist HR in Tracking Daily Activities

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We’re celebrating today, because we are officially a Workday Certified Solution Partner – yes we graduated from the hottest HCM integration university this summer!

Commitment Pays Off

Two years ago, Dovetail made a commitment with Workday to design, build, and deliver a real time bi-directional integration to help serve the Dovetail and Workday ecosystem, cohesively. It’s a true win-win outcome for both vendor and customers – as anyone with software implementation experience will tell you – getting two technologies integrated together on a project is never easy. One very big pain with custom integrations is accountability – when things go wrong, who is accountable? Is it your internal IT, or perhaps vendor one or vendor two – maybe it’s all three? Which one will own the problem and drive through to resolution, and not just point fingers?

Continued Commitment

With a Dovetail/ Workday Certified Integration, this pain is removed as we take on this responsibility and act as your single point of contact.

We Make it Look easy, but…

Getting to this point has by no means been a walk in the park. The first 12 months of our partnership were dedicated to research and development, with the success of this hingeing on working closely with our joint Dovetail and Workday customers along with senior Workday colleagues. We thought a great deal, we talked quite a bit, and we worked intensely to build this successful integration. The last 12 months in this partnership have been focused on the execution and delivery of the integration to several joint customers, who now rely on this partnership daily to keep data synchronized between Dovetail and Workday.

To learn more…

To learn more about the Dovetail Certified Workday Integration follow this link to contact a Dovetail Software Specialist.

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