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Dovetail Sponsors HR Latte, an intrepidNOW Quality Podcast

HR Latte - your first cup of talent management, whipped to perfection
January 7, 2016 Dovetail Software Announces: Dovetail Software is pleased to announce its continued sponsorship of HR Latte in its move from the Blog Talk Radio platform to intrepidNOW, where education and quality matter. Rayanne Thorn, VP of Marketing at Dovetail, will continue to launch various podcast series which benefit the HR and HR Tech communities. It is our hope that by providing honest, thoughtful information and education in an entertaining way that HR practitioners, technologists, industry experts and thought leaders will learn and share more about what matters in the world and community of HR. New episodes will be release two to three times weekly, providing consistent news and ideas about what matters most to the HR industry. Current ongoing HR Latte Series include: Today's Employer Branding into Tomorrow's Employee Engagement HR Tech NOW #Wisdom With the following series launching soon: Taking…

HR Service Delivery Practices Survey Results: Deploying Technology & Measuring Productivity

April 21, 2014 Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM CDT Join us for a webinar sharing findings from the HR Shared Services Institute's 2014 annual HR Delivery Practices Survey. The survey's author and president of the HR Shared Services Institute Jim Scully will present findings specifically related to the use of HR technology. The webinar will cover the tools and tactics your peers are using to benchmark performance, foster continuous improvement and track productivity gains. You will learn: • What goals HR leaders set for productivity and how they’re measuring them • The most commonly tracked metrics for HR Shared Services Centers • How data is collected, reported on and presented to executive leadership • Where HR SSCs are currently allocating budget and resources and their plans for the future As a webinar participant, you will receive a copy…

Making Shared Services Work – Keys to Setting Up your HR Services

September 27, 2013 Most organizations implement HR Shared Services Centers to streamline their service delivery processes, reduce costs and hopefully provide better service to their employees. To accomplish these goals, designing a shared services model that supports company culture and fosters user adoption is critical.   In today’s webinar, Dan Vander Hey, Shared Services expert and Principal Consultant at KnowledgeSource, and Kane Frisby, Chief Strategy Officer at Dovetail Software, will discuss how to set up HR services that work for your Shared Services Center and accomplish its overall goals. Watch Now!   [pb_vidembed title="" caption="" url="" type="vem" w="580" h="485"]   Download Slides

5 Best Practices for Compliant & Consistent Employee Relations

June 6, 2013 Shortcomings in key areas of compliance with the rapidly-changing, complex laws can put companies at significant financial and legal risk, HR professionals who understand how changing employment laws affect HR policies and can help employers protect their bottom line and reputation are invaluable to their organizations.   In this webinar, HR compliance expert and co-founder of Omega HR Solutions Mike Haberman and Dovetail’s Head of HR Process Design Dwane Lay will discuss ways you can become the HR compliance expert in your organization and share best practices for compliant and consistent employee relations.   You will learn: How to ensure your HR policies comply with the most recent legal changes Easy  ways to keep up with employment and HR law changes How to adapt policies and procedures to comply with new laws Tactics for establishing consistent and compliant problem resolution…

Webinar: How to Run HR Shared Services Like a Thriving Business

In this webinar, panelists Jim Scully, Founder of HR Shared Services Institute, Kane Frisby, Chief Strategy Officer at Dovetail Software and Cary Schuler, CEO of cfactor will discuss how you can apply the same culture and values that make a business thrive in an HR Shared Services Center to achieve optimal results, operational agility, and permeate all parts of your organization.     Download Slides    

Glocalizing HR Service Delivery

In this webinar, Ben Martinez, organizational development expert and HR Director at HireVue, and Dwane Lay, Head of HR Process Design at Dovetail Software, will discuss how HR SSCs can glocalize HR service delivery. Glocal refers to taking products or services intended for a global market and adapting them to fit local needs. HR Shared Services Centers (HR SSCs) that operate worldwide are implemented to standardize their core HR systems and processes globally. How, then, can HR SSCs operate globally but customize service delivery to suit local laws, cultures and communication standards? Watch now to find out!   Download Slides    

Twitter? I’m in HR. Why would I need that?

May 7, 2013 In this webinar, participants will learn the basics of Twitter and how to monitor small lists of people, specifically for human resources professionals. Special attention will be paid to understanding Twitter terminology and the benefit of hash tags and retweets allowing you to grow your followers and further build relationships.   Download Slides    

10 Smart Social Media Moves for HR Pros

82% of employees say they trust a company more when the leadership team communicates via social media. The widespread use of social technology presents an opportunity for HR organizations to engage and communicate with their employees on a personal level, yet so few organizations are fully taking advantage of it.   In this webinar, social media experts Jonathan Brewer and Dwane Lay discuss how social media can positively impact your workplace and share 10 ways you can use it engage, communicate, and learn from your employees. They will also provide real-world examples of HR professionals that have put these techniques to work and the impact on their organizations.   Download Slides    

Measuring the Performance of your HR Shared Services Center

April 7, 2013 How do you know your shared services model is performing as efficiently and effectively as it should?  What metrics should you be tracking?   Unfortunately, there is no simple or universal answer,but there is a proper and useful way to measure shared services performance and value.   In this webinar, Jim Scully, president ofthe Shared Services Institute,explains the flaws of conventional benchmarking and performance measurement approaches and offers a step-by-step method of defining and measuring shared services value.   Download Slides    

The Black Hole of Adoption: Why HR Tech Implemenations Fail

March 7, 2013 With the great expense that is poured into developing and acquiring technology, HR departments have repeatedly found themselves bemoaning poor adoption and usage numbers.  More vexing still are the stories of other organizations that have implemented identical platforms, but with much different outcomes.  The message, then, is that adoption and implementation is far less about the technology than it is the people, the process, and understanding of your own organization.   In this webinar, Dwane Lay, Head of HR Process Design at Dovetail Software, and China Gorman, CEO at CMG Group, will review the most common reasons implementations fail, and simple steps technology owners can take to support early adoption and long term usage.   Download Slides