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jay-kuhnsNot too long ago, or veep of marketing sat down with Healthcare HR expert, Jay Kuhns. Jay heads up Healthcare Strategy at Kinetix and is known as THE guy when it comes to forward thinking in a Healthcare HR department.

He travels all over the country speaking, presenting, keynoting, and assisting HR departments in healthcare organization understand the impact of employment branding, employee engagement, and employee experience and how these each contribute to the retention of quality healthcare employees.

Blessed, Lucky, Fortunate

We feel blessed, lucky, and fortunate at Dovetail to call Jay a friend and mentor when it comes to Healthcare HR, He knows his stuff and we are only too happy to share it with you.

HR Latte

Dovetail HR sponsors HR Latte where Jay was recently the guest in a three-part series:

SERIES: Healthcare HR Checkup


Part 1: Employer Branding

“I’m seeing a lot of HR departments wanting to be more contemporary…, and I am seeing this as a newer phenomenon. ” 

  • Is Employer Branding different for Healthcare HR?
  • The work product for Healthcare is Patient Care
  • Successfully conveying the Employer Brand Message
  • The “Fear” of the Risk of Social Media
  • Leading the Way when it comes to Social
  • Ideas for how to get started in developing an Employer Brand
  • Why it’s important for HR to connect with marketing


Part 2: Taking Risks & Conquering the Fear of Change

“Embarrassingly easy way to start – you can automatically post content,  your own organization’s content – approved and vetted content from your organization’s marketing department is an easy way to re-purpose content to benefit the HR department. You already have content – why are waiting to promote it?”

  • How inaction hinders  growth and forward movement in Healthcare HR
  • Getting so behind the times that disallows talent attraction
  • Mitigating public ridicule and bullying from senior leadership
  • The Fear and Risks of Change
  • Healthcare is a Business, HR is part of that business


Part 3: Technology for Healthcare HR

“When we help build career sites, they have to be mobile-functioning, mobile-ready – because that is how the work is getting done today… There needs to be recognition that the entire planet is working off a phone.”

  • Cloud-based Technology for HR
  • Technology Hiring within the HR department
  • Evaluating your current state, thinking about the future of your department, and identifying the gap between the two.
  • Then Do the Gap Analysis
  • Doing Your Due Diligence on HR Tech Vendors
  • Applicant Tracking Systems today, framing the mobile experience through a job applicant’s eyes.
  • Social Tools are part of Healthcare HR Today

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At Dovetail, we are committed to helping your HR department get fit, no matter your industry. Organizational wellness and employee satisfaction are imperative to manage and retain the talent you work so hard to hire.



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