Russ Resslhuber: “Solve the Problems and Meet the Needs”

Russ Resslhuber

Russ Resslhuber, “We can posit that change is constant!!”

Russ Resslhuber, Senior Sales Engineer with Dovetail Software

Russ, what is the best part of your job?:

Russ Resslhuber“It’s never the same — every prospect we meet with – though they may have the same fundamental needs, will have a different perspective on them, on what matters the most , on how they want to tackle solving them. And sometimes, you do encounter new problems you haven’t seen before, new questions that haven’t come up. And that is what keeps it interesting, it is never the same thing twice.  I’m also really pleased that the produce we have, Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite, designed as we like to point out ‘Designed HR, for HR‘ – really does address virtually all of the needs we encounter. We have very rarely come up with a situation where we not able to come up with a really good solution for a problem that was presented to us by a prospect.” – Russ Resslhuber

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Russ’s mind:

  • Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite
  • Common Issues and Challenges for HR departments today
  • Updates and Upgrades to software today that benefits HR
  • The Advances of SaaS and HR Tech today
  • Impacting Organizational wellness
  • Change is Constant
  • Data – Is HR doing enough with the data they collect?
  • Automation: keeping current with changes
  • “Measuring what’s of interest today”
  • The importance of configurable technology to the HR departments of today

On HR Case Management: “Fundamentally – what HR Case Management is about, is understanding what’s going on. It’s developing data that is precise and detailed about what kind of issues employees are encountering, what kind of questions are they asking, how are we responding to them. It really is fundamental in being able to even answer the question, how are we doing? what are we doing right? what are we doing wrong? where can we get the biggest bang for our buck?”  – Russ Resslhuber



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