How HR Case Management Works

HR Case Management

  The use of an HR Case Management system ensures that all HR interactions with employees are reported and tracked, that responses from HR or Management are consistent and timely, that legal and regulatory compliance are considered and adhered to, with records securely housed in a single location easily accessible by appointed administrators.

What is HR Case Management?

If we consider Customer Service, case management tracks interactions with customers, ensuring the purchasing and product acquisition experience is the best. If addressing case management in healthcare, this would be tracking of the life cycle of a patient and their every interaction with a healthcare provider or healthcare facility/system.

HR Case Management is similar: reporting and tracking of every employee interaction with HR, which allows HR and Executive Management to understand the full employee experience with the employer. HR Data collected using Case Management creates opportunities to efficiently handle questions, requests, and problems without losing any information, or letting issues or challenges to be mishandled, mismanaged or not managed at all.

When an HR Case is Managed

  • Employee contacts HR with a question, problem, or grievance
  • Case is Created
  • Communication Thread is Captured
  • While case is handled in Real-Time, specific employee details are displayed to HR user
  • Case is categorized to ensure proper routing and handling
  • Creation of this new case triggers automated processes, like timers for task completion or notifications regarding particular case types
  • Resolution
  • Case is Closed
  • Case Knowledge is captured and managed
  • Search and Use of Captured Knowledge for Future Cases
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance achieved
  • Data and Metrics Captured to understand Organizational Attrition, Change, or Growth
  • Learning, Succession Planning, and Leadership Development


The True Employee Experience

Tracking the full employee experience allows companies to see the full picture, in-depth, of the relationship between employer and employee. Suddenly, true employee engagement and real understanding of the employee experience is gained. True potential is realized when employees stay, and they stay because they are cared for, they are appreciated, and they are allowed to grow.  The data from a case management system shows the truth behind an organization’s employer brand and provides clear details regarding attrition and growth – Important information to consider when seeking organizational success.




“Dovetail brought our HR case management system into the 21st century by offering a total HR solution in one application. Dovetail’s robust reporting capabilities and it’s web-based application allows for 24 hour a day access and continuous software upgrades. Dovetail employs HR experts to meet the needs of the HR profession.”
– Lisa Lancaster, Manager of Compensation & HR Analytics at Advance America



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