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Stephen Lynn
November 20, 2015

Most Important Asset?

It’s a well-known corporate saying that “Employees are our Most Important Asset”. How many of you believe that about your corporate environment? I have previously written about the importance of a vendor’s employees happiness to the success of a company’s relationship with its vendor, but this post, while also about employees, addresses the communication within a company, which ultimately does impact employee happiness, which in turn will affect the job they do on behalf of your organization.

The Effectiveness of Communication

Recently, Davis & Company commissioned the survey of 1,000 employees from large corporations (minimum of 5,000 employees) in the United States to understand the effectiveness of communication on performance management, benefits, and compensation. One of the key findings was that Employees aren’t getting answers to their questions. “When employees have questions, they turn to

Kane Frisby
June 18, 2015

Workday Power of One - ThinkstockPhotos-485079267As I wrote about in my previous blog post Barbie SaaS HCM technology, I recently read another blog post which reinforces true SaaS.  Take Workday’s Power of One, they are at the opposite spectrum of a “Barbie SaaS”, check out their recent Power of One blog post to learn more.


Essentially, Workday has one version of software, one customer community, and one codeline.  This is what makes our partnership with Workday so strong, the identical nature of our Dovetail SaaS HR Help Desk offering – even better when you factor in our real-time integration to Workday.  You can quickly see how a joint customer can leverage two vendors

Kane Frisby
June 9, 2015

hr systems, hr saas, fake cloud systemsI took the title and input for this blog from John Hoebler’s, Technology Lead at CrossCountry Consulting, excellent post recently entitled, “Don’t be fooled by ‘fake cloud’ finance systems” – I changed the title ever so slightly, to really place emphasis on the level of fabricated fashion in today’s SaaS vendor space, and of course it’s important to HR professionals too!

One can immediately see the Barbie® doll, and recognize it’s not a reality – it’s easy to do that from one glance. However, SaaS (Software as a Service) is hidden from view, under the hood, safe and sound…or is it?

Real SaaS vendors might start to

Kane Frisby
May 28, 2015


Survey Season is open, so make sure you stand up and be counted!  But wait, did you know why you should even care about the Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey? If you’re in HR, regardless of role, this affects you – read on to learn how you can help catapult HR in your company!

The HR Systems Survey is the longest running, most widely distributed, and most highly participative research effort in the HR industry, annually tracking the adoption, deployment approaches, and value achieved from HR technologies. It studies the roadmaps organizations navigate and decisions they make regarding technology, integrations, processes, and people when building an HR function that serves their workforce and supports

Traci Deveau
February 26, 2015

A Change Would Do You Good


How many times in the last few years (be honest) have you been involved in an HR project to identify something…a process, a model, a technology, a strategy to improve overall performance? How many times has that project been put on hold due to funding, resources, lack of leadership backing, or something else? And how many times has the broken inefficient process just continued? Does it all stem from a poorly supported or drafted business plan? In truth there are a hundred reasons why a project doesn’t come to fruition. But one stands above them all.

A change would do you good, yet your business won’t successfully change or evolve when the PROCESS continues to be broken.

Traci Deveau
December 16, 2014

There are potentially hundreds of reasons your company needs an HR Case Management (HCM) or HR Help Desk software solution. I’m going to briefly point out the five most obvious which will likely keep you up nights trying to figure out how you’re going to get this project added to your short-term list of Top HR Initiatives. If you’re currently in an HR Shared Service model, you’re probably ahead of the curve and on your way toward putting in the backbone (technology) or you already have. Otherwise…here’s the down-and-dirty rationale on why you need an HCM technology solution.

You’re being sued

Are you currently facing litigation? If so, you clearly understand the stress of having to gather the supporting information to defend your side of the lawsuit. If the employee was fired for cause for instance, it would be helpful,

Emily Lewis
September 22, 2014

Sony Mobile implemented an HR Shared Services Center (HR SSC) to streamline its HR processes and provide faster and more consistent service to their rapidly growing employee population. To support its HR Service Delivery model, the HR team, implemented HR Help Desk solution Dovetail Software in December 2013.

Fredric Svensson, Senior Global HR IS Project Manager at Sony Mobile and the technology implementation leader will be speaking at the HR Technology Conference in Amsterdam in a few weeks and will discuss how Sony Mobile uses technology and measures success within its HR SSC. Fredric agreed to sit down with me and answer a few questions to give you a glimpse inside Sony Mobile’s HR SSC and offer you a preview of what he will be covering in his session.

Emily Lewis: Why did Sony Mobile choose a Shared

Traci Deveau
August 5, 2014

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the HRSSI Conference in Atlanta. The conference is a Human Resources (HR) Shared Services event for HR Executives and Jim Scully has done a nice job of marketing to that particular audience with content rich in information without the SALES pitch of other HR Shared Services shows.  It is appropriately named the HRSSI Shared Service Institute Executive Retreat. I came away from the HRSSI retreat with a few new friends and some valuable insight on current trends, challenges and what technology solutions are prevalent in HR Shared Services today. Many of the scheduled presenters had solid metrics that they were willing to share and discuss. I left with a burning question though…why are so many of Fortune Top 500 Companies forced to use their  IT Departments CRM

Emily Lewis
August 4, 2014

mat-letter-bannerI know this face hasn’t popped up on our blog in a long time, so you might not recognize me, but I work at Dovetail. I just had my first baby and have been on maternity leave for the last three and a half months. On my first day of maternity leave, one day before the baby arrived, I thought, “there’s no way I’ll really completely check out of work for 3 months.”

But that’s exactly what I did.

As it turns out, as wonderful as it is to be a first-time parent, it’s as equally completely overwhelming and exhausting. I was too much of a zombie the first two months to even remember I had a job (that wasn’t taking care of my daughter), much less keep up with it. Additionally, I work

Emily Lewis
March 19, 2014

Dovetail is hosting a webinar sharing the results of the 2014 HR Service Delivery Practices survey related to the use of HR Help Desk software in a Shared Services Center.

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