Complimentary Webinar: 5 Employee Relations Metrics you Should be Tracking & Why

In my last post, I referenced a recent study by the Society of Human Resource Management, which revealed that senior-level HR executives rank the opportunity to do strategic planning as one of the key elements of job satisfaction. For most HR professionals, that means having the metrics necessary to identify and solve business problems.


While HR organizations have caught onto the importance of tracking HR metrics, such as performance, employee engagement and turnover, many fail to measure employee relations (ER) metrics, which can be just as critical to your organization’s strategic plan, with the same precision.


If tracked correctly, ER metrics can help determine the root cause of workforce trends in your organization. In thiswebinar, human capital strategy consultant and 20-year HR veteran Cathy Missildine-Martin will reveal five critical ER metrics you should be tracking and why.


Join us to learn:

*  Why ER metrics are just as important to HR analytics as performance metrics
*  How to use ER metrics to drive corporate policy change 
*  What ER metrics you should be tracking and what they reveal
*  How to use technology to track, measure and report on ER metrics


This must-attend webinar will help ensure that you’re including the metrics necessary to paint a full picture of what’s going on in your organization’s workforce and have the insight you need to build an effective human capital strategy.


About the Presenter:


Cathy Missildine-Martin has extensive experience in many areas of strategic Human Resources Management. Cathy has worked closely with executives in the areas of performance, productivity, organizational metrics, training, employee andcustomer engagement, workforce planning, organizational design and strategic implementation. Her past experience in operations and sales management in the technical, insurance and hospitality industries has given her a broad understanding of business issues and a solid foundation for building performance enhancing systems that support the business.



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