Dovetail and cfactor Deliver New eBook: 5 Essentials for Making HR Service Delivery Look and Feel Effortless

We are thrilled to announce the availability of Dancing with HR Stars: 5 Essentials for Making HR Service Delivery Look and Feel Effortless, a comprehensive eBook featuring sections from five expert “judges” giving you performance tips on how to waltz your way to outstanding HR service delivery.


ABC is in its 16th season of Dancing with The Stars, a reality ballroom dancing competition pairing professional dancers with celebrities. Being a fan, I watch as pairs practice, collaborate and choreograph their dance routines and then – the good ones at least – deliver a captivating performance that looks completely effortless. I started thinking about how similar it is to building a high-performing HR service delivery model.


Delivering quality, seemingly effortless HR service delivery requires a carefully choreographed process, collaboration and practice. Fortunately, unlike dancing, you can leverage technology to support your HR service delivery performance and in addition to looking effortless it can actually feel effortless.


Packed with 15 pages of insight from industry experts, statistics, real-world examples, and step-by-step guidance, this eBook will help you put your best foot forward and build an HR service delivery model that improves efficiency, lowers costs, and gives HR professionals the tools they need to be a strategic player within their organizations.


You will learn how to:


  • Implement the right technology mix to automate key processes
  • Manage change and foster technology user adoption
  • Measure and improve your performance
  • Build an engaging community for employees to connect with each other and HR



Download your complimentary copy today and create an HR service delivery model looks like this:

Not this:


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